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Two Culture Cap is a global-first venture capital firm that has backed 30+ early-stage companies on five continents. From consumer to logistics and financial services innovation, we back founders who blend the art and science of entrepreneurship.

Join us to stay on top of what we’re seeing from the frontlines of financial services innovation in Latin America with portfolio companies Belvo and Sami, to the consumer trends in livestream media bubbling out of China and into South East Asia where we were the founding investor in the #1 app of the Philippines, Kumu.

We’re tracking Gen-Z consumer trends by being the first backers of Bloomscape and Kin Euphorics, as well as breakout success platforms like unicorns Robinhood and Carta which are democratizing markets. On the frontlines of insurance, we’ve seeded companies like Kettle, Vouch, and CoverWallet which was acquired by AON.

In emerging markets we see logistics as paramount, helping connect services to over 2M people across the Maghreb with Yassir, and gray collar workforce onboarding in India, where Vahan is placing hundreds of thousands of jobs via WhatsApp.

We believe in a future of work that is Human + Machine, which is why we’re also investors in companies like unicorn UiPath, ScribeAI and Kimono Labs which was backed by the founders of PayPal and Facebook and acquired by Palantir.

Join us on this fascinating ride around the world.

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We believe in the art & science of entrepreneurship.


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